This Week’s Subject: Welding on Transition Fittings: Polyethylene (PE) Protection

Most company procedures prohibit the practice of shortening/cutting of a steel transition fitting because, during welding, the polyethylene (PE) material and/or the connection to the steel could be damaged.

Why is this practice prohibited? When the pipes are buried in the ground, there is a potential pull-out from the effect of thermal expansion and contraction. The result can be dangerous gas leaks, underscoring the importance of protecting the PE side of a transition fitting from heat.

Tip: Certanium Heat Shield, a nontoxic, putty-type material that withstands temperatures to 3000°F, can be used effectively to prevent heat transfer that can damage transition fitting components (metal rings, O-ring gaskets) and PE pipe. Heat shield is also effective in various welding-related applications that are performed near heat-sensitive materials and equipment.


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