This Week’s Subject: Anode Installation Location

Question: Joe, what is the proper installation location for an anode to protect steel pipe from corrosion?

Answer: First, it’s important to follow your company’s construction standards and/or O&M procedures because they vary. But generally an anode can be installed vertically or horizontally. The typical, preferred method is to install the anode vertically, but soil conditions or underground access beneath the pipe may prevent this. In that case, you can install it horizontally.

For an anode to function properly, a minimum distance must be maintained between the pipe and the anode. This distance may vary, but it’s usually a minimum of 1 foot away (offset) from the pipe or below the pipe.

Tip: Do not remove the anode from the cloth bag, which contains gypsum and bentonite. These materials help to absorb and retain moisture from the soil. This improves the efficiency of the anode by reducing electrical resistance. During installation, the anode is activated by wetting the cloth bag with water.


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