Gas Range Connector Installation Requirements

Question: What are the installation requirements for gas range connectors?

Answer: A flexible connector (also known as a range connector) is a piece of corrugated metal tubing used to bring natural gas supply from building service pipes to appliances (ranges, dryers, space heaters). Currently, flexible connectors are made of stainless steel or coated brass. Flexible connectors should not be crushed, pinched, or subjected to severe bending or twisting, and they should never be installed through walls, ceilings, or floors. They should never be coupled together with another connector for installation. They must be installed with a shut-off valve before the connector.

Tip: In the past, some uncoated brass connectors had a serious design flaw. The end pieces were brazed (soldered) to the corrugated brass tubing. Over time, in many cases, the brazing failed, creating a serious gas leak. Uncoated brass connectors with brazing have not been manufactured since 1976, but some of these connectors may still be in use. They must be replaced for safety! When in doubt, make sure you have a qualified professional inspect all flexible gas connectors in your home for proper installation.



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